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Where can I get your models ?
    You download them. No buying. No ordering. This is Web 2.0 people. You go to the main page and download the .png pattern files for the building you like. You cut and fold until it's done.

Can you do a building for me?
    Yes and no. I really don't do requests, but if you have a really good idea, or a lot of people request a certain building, I may decide to make it. I get quite a bit of email, so in order to keep track of your request your email header must read "SKYSCRAPER REQUEST" in bold letters, otherwise your email may be deleted.
    There are limitations, at least for the time being. Your building must be AT LEAST 600 feet or 182 meters tall to be considered. It must be a architecturally or historically important building, or at least a major landmark.

Can I submit my own work?
Absolutely!. It is my goal to make this site as comprehensive as possible. To make that happen, I need as many contributors as possible. modelmakers and photographers are actively encouraged to submit their work. Especially photographers, as I need photos of the all the buildings for which models have been made for. Just send photos of your stuff to me and we'll see if we can work something out. All work that isn't mine is properly credited.

Can you post a link to my site?
Sure. As long as it is architecture-related (preferably skyscrapers, but I'm not picky) it's fine. Also, if you have a site where you just post photos of the models from this site you've completed, that's also okay. I'm trying to foster a community here and you can't have a community of one person.

Will you ever charge for your models?
Not until the day comes where selling paper skyscrapers can get me through college all by itself.

Why doesn't a link work?
I probably know about it already and will fix it soon enough. This site is permanently under construction and the occasional dead link is the price you must pay to get up-to-date content. I may even update the look of the entire page, but due to the fact that the images on this site are high-bandwidth all by themselves, it may be a while. If one of the links to an external site no longer works, it may be that whoever hosted that site has altered or removed their page. Again, I probably already know about it.

When will you finish your next model?
There's a model listed in the Main Page this isn't available, what's wrong?
Those are models that I'm going to do in time. Please do not pester me with requests for when I will attempt it. Same with questions about asking for progress reports, I will finsh the models when I can. If you're tired of waiting, I encourage you to try to design it yourself. Model making does have a steep learning curve, but it is rewarding in the end. If you're good enough you can have your work hosted on this site free of charge.

What's with the statcounter icon at the bottom of the page?
As part of keeping this site as excellent as possible, I've subscribed to a data collection service. This service collects the number of vistors, pageloads, ISP's and some system info (browser, operating system). It's purely for feedback purposes and all information is kept strictly confidential. And besides, I don't even know how or where to go to sell this info anyway. If you're still concerned about privacy, you can disallow the download of 'cookies' to your computer without limiting your ability to browse this site.

BTW Greetings to all my friends in Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan! (apparently I get a lot of vistors from these fine countries).